Romance… in real life.

My previous post got me to thinking. About romance. (Because nothing screams romance like reading my husband’s mind… regarding the television cabinet.) Back when I was 18, having met this man I married, dreaming of the life in front of us, it was supposed to be romantic. We’d sit by the fire, reflecting over our […]

It’s another world that I live in.

I quoted from “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie” tonight when Blaine asked for the television remote and the cabinet containing the television was closed. My husband looked at me, puzzled. It would seem he’s not up on his children’s fiction and has never read the book. If I’d have quoted Shakespeare or C. […]

The Many Adventures of a big (little) family

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We’re still in South Dakota. The plan was to leave today to go home, but last weekend my a/c quit in my van. In a large box with one vent window and two front windows that open and everything else immobile, no a/c as we head back into nearly 100 degree temps was less than […]

TOS Review: Essential Skills Advantage


I’ve had my older four kids, ages 5, 7, 9, and 11 working on Essential Skills Advantage as part of a review for the Old Schoolhouse Magazine’s Review Crew. We received a one-year membership to their program for grades K-6. Getting my account set up properly confused me a bit at first, but once it was […]

South Dakota Travels

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When you go for a walk on a country road, you’re bound to find rocks. Lovely ones. Pierce can’t stand it. He wanted to bring the stroller… it took him mere moments to ditch the stroller for everything but a holding place for his rocks. He kept losing his pants, his pockets were so full. […]

TOS Review: Happy Kids Songs

We’ve been listening (and singing along!) to Happy Kids Songs three song sets Friends & Sharing, Happiness & Attitude, and Manners & Character for a month and a half now. I received the files via download and put the songs onto the Ipod to play in the van… you know, so we could listen and […]

Travels and an Electronic Rooster

Thursday afternoon, I started writing a new blog post. This is what I wrote: Tomorrow, bright and early if I have anything to say about it, the kids and I load up and drive 10 hours to visit my parents in South Dakota. Elliot has yet to make the trek and meet Grandpa, and we […]

Charlie got stung by a bee. Ultra-serious, quiet Charlotte stepped on a bee. And screamed. Oh my word, did that girl scream. One high pitched, LOOOONG scream. Followed by shrieks. I didn’t know the girl was capable of such carrying on. When all had calmed down, I had the stinger out and her foot scrubbed […]

Deep Clean Week 1: Unanticipated Depth

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Last Sunday, I devised a plan. My kids are getting older, and the house maintains fairly well with our daily chores, but it doesn’t get good and scrubbed very often. I decided we’d pick one room per week, and make a list of deeper cleaning to be done in there. I wanted to start in […]

School, children, shopping… life.

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Pierce walked up to Liberty and asked her to read to him. She was sitting on the couch with an English textbook in her lap. She agreed, and started reading… her textbook… out loud. I’ve never heard such expression in the descriptions of parts of speech. Nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives… it might as well have […]