TOS Review: Apologia’s Flourish

When the Old Schoolhouse Magazine’s Review Crew was offered a book published and offered by Apologia Educational Ministries titled Flourish: Balance for Homeschool Moms by Mary Jo Tate, I all but begged to be on the review. Having never been disappointed by anything from Apologia and finding the title of this book intriguing and perhaps […]

Life, shopping, and soft hardwoods.

Early Saturday morning, I poured myself a cup of coffee. The cream container in the fridge had a smidge more cream than I wanted. After a momentary debate, knowing there was not much in the container and whether to throw it away or put it back, I put it back in the fridge. Moments later, […]

Days gone by

I was asked for video, and while I don’t have the capability to take a video now, I did find this one from 2011. It makes me laugh.

Foreign food objects: guest post by Alexandra

Sister has (very gently & kindly) *requested* blog posts from me. Apparently one or two posts a year was not quite what she had in mind when she invited me to contribute to her blog!  (Adrienne’s edit: In all honesty, I want to read what she has to write! We live 1,500 miles away. I […]

In review: our last few weeks.

Before we went on vacation, the boys had a bit of auto maintenance to do. Sterling was assigned the role of tire pressure adjuster. Pierce supervised. It would seem Pierce did not approve of the level of noise the work conditions required when the air compressor kicked on. The day before we left, June 26, […]


I’ve been working on teaching Pierce proper pronoun usage. Early on, a conversation went like this: “Me want a snack.” “No, I want a snack.” “Me want a snack too! We match!” Now that it’s been a few weeks, he’s understanding… in as far as what I want from him when I correct his sentences. […]

TOS Review: WriteShop

For the past eight weeks, Eden and I have been working on a review from WriteShop as part of a review for the Old Schoolhouse Magazine’s Review Crew. We received a digital copies of WriteShop Junior Book E with the Teacher’s Guide, Junior Book E Activity Pack with Fold-N-Go Grammar, Time Saver Pack, and Junior Writer’s […]

TOS Review: Moving Beyond the Page

Colonization and Revolution

I’ve had Liberty, having just turned eleven and completed fifth grade, working on two units from Moving Beyond the Page as part of a Old Schoolhouse Magazine Review Crew review. We received their literature study for A Wrinkle in Time for ages 9-11 and their social studies unit Colonization and Revolution, also for ages 9-11. Liberty’s a great reader, motivated to […]

Score one for Momma.

Before we went on vacation, I sat down my son for a chat. You see, we live in the country. Five acres are our very own, and our neighbors aren’t close enough to see what goes on in our yard. It’s grand. When I started potty training Pierce, I encouraged him to pee in the […]


Blaine's siblings, less one, and families with Great Grandma, soon to be 97.

We’re home. 1,700 miles in a packed 12 passenger van with nine people and one small well-traveled dog, driving through the night on the way there and on the way home, nine days away from home, a house crowded with 41 people – 24 of them younger than 17. Three nights camping in a tent, […]