TOS Review: CTC Math

As part of the Review Crew for Old Schoolhouse Magazine, I’ve been given to use and review a 12 Month Family Plan membership to CTC Math, an online math tutoring program. I had Ruby, Sterling, Liberty, and Eden each work in their current grade level four days a week. They took quizzes to figure out […]

Ellie: 7 weeks

IMG_5144 (400x600)

Miss Ellie turned 7 weeks old on Saturday. She’s learned to smile, laughs just a bit, hates getting her clothes changed, and loves being in the sling on Momma. She didn’t smile in any of the photos that focused properly, so enjoy a somewhat out of focus 7 week old grin…         […]

TOS Review: Home School Adventure Co.

These last few weeks, the Old Schoolhouse Magazine’s Review Crew has been reviewing a few different products from the Home School Adventure Co. I received via PDF download The Wise Woman by George MacDonald with Literary Analysis Journal Questions by Stacy Farrell to review. The story is not written to women, but is rather about a Wise […]


We were walking through Walmart, land of the classy for sure, when Charlotte found something bright pink and sparkly on the floor. In typical three year old fashion, she picked it up to examine it. When she asked what it was, I examined it. It was a fingernail. Not a “oh, I broke a nail” […]

Is this eternally significant?

I find myself making mistakes constantly. Human. So, so, so totally human. After a week with a few mistakes that bothered me more than most, I had to consider: “Is this eternally significant? Is this going to affect the long term?” I could, thankfully, look at the events of the week and realize what was […]

Motherhood: Not for the faint of heart.

It’s really hard to type anything substantial with one hand. It’s really hard to hold and or nurse a baby without at least one hand. See where I’m going with this? But, photos I can do. I love this one of Eden. It’s hard to get a genuine smile captured these days from her – […]

Spring excitement.

Where’s Waldo? Blaine?   Blaine got home from work the other day and headed off to who knows what project he’d chosen for the evening. With a long list, you never quite know. The next thing I heard was the chainsaw. I went outside to see this. Blaine’s in there somewhere, perched in the tree, […]

Elliot Adelaide: 5.5 weeks

Baby girl is growing, becoming quite the fusspot, belches like an adult, and insists on nursing A LOT. Blaine’s wondering if she has acid reflux. I’m wondering if she doesn’t just have a good case of Spoiled. Ellie’s starting to smile often, grabs a fistful of my hair at every chance, and sleeps determinedly in strange […]

Beauty Treatments

IMG_5106 (600x400)

The girls love curly hair. None of them were blessed with an over abundance of curls… a few got none at all. What we won’t do to change what we’ve been given. Ruby’s beauty treatment When I got up the next morning after rolling the three older girls’ hair in foam rollers, I found Ruby […]

1 month, growing, and a new all-members present family photo

March 2014

Elliot turned one month old earlier this week. Yesterday, we went to the pediatrician for her checkup. I have a one month old the size of a four month old, according to the pediatrician. She’s gained exactly 2 pounds since birth, and weighed in at 11 pounds 8 ounces. She’s outgrown all her 0-3 month […]