School, children, shopping… life.

IMG_5319 (400x600)Pierce walked up to Liberty and asked her to read to him. She was sitting on the couch with an English textbook in her lap. She agreed, and started reading… her textbook… out loud. I’ve never heard such expression in the descriptions of parts of speech. Nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives… it might as well have been a thrilling mystery novel for all the expression she had. He listened for the duration of her lesson. I love it.

I got my eyes checked last week while seven children waited in the waiting room. Nothing was broken. No one ran. Success. Pierce (my biggest fear) was so proud of himself. He didn’t even poop on the floor. I was told I have an overactive muscle in my eyes. First time anyone has ever told me I have an overactive muscle. Wouldn’t you know it, it wasn’t a stomach muscle overacting. Of course not.

Ruby took her very first spelling test. She got 6/12 right. She studied, took another the next day. She got 7/12 right. (And different words wrong than the first time. Go figure.) She was utterly frustrated. I talked her down… she’s five years old and doing 2nd grade spelling. It’s a learning curve, learning to study. Sterling did it too. He figured it out last year, she’ll figure it out this year. I encouraged oral practice, then gave an oral test.

“Spell ‘cake’.”

“C…A…I…N. NO! I mixed ‘cake’ and ‘rain’ together. I think I studied ‘rain’ TOO MUCH!”

After her oral test, she took a third written. 12/12. 100%. She was so, so proud. In that moment, she learned to study for a test. Baby Girl is growing up.

Elliot turned five months old on the 1st. She celebrated with milk. I ate a bit of chocolate for her though – just in case she wanted chocolate milk. The things I do for the baby.

In case you aren’t on Facebook: I got my favorite comment of pretty much all time in the grocery store last week.

A gentleman saw me come around the corner and my children around me and said, “You do not have six children.” I shook my head.

“No, no I do not.” He nodded in satisfaction at his correct assessment.

“I have seven.”

His jaw was on the ground as I walked away.

IMG_5410 (600x486)

I was trying to wash walls in the kitchen yesterday  and was completely frustrated at the lack of cleanliness I was achieving. My kitchen is painted with flat paint. (Worst cheap moment outcome of all time, I tell you. Don’t do it.) My dear husband heard my cry and agreed repainting is in order. Today, I was in the hardware store with the inferior can, asking for a high gloss. Or something nearly high gloss, so long as it can be scrubbed and cleaned. The man was insistent that satin would do the job. I pointed to the seven children at my feet. You know, in case he missed them. “I have children. I need to be able to scrub the walls. This is ridiculous. Last year’s squished bug is still on the wall. It won’t wash off. You don’t want to know what else is on there. I don’t want to know.” He sold me 100% acrylic semi gloss. I can scrub to my heart’s content… once I repaint my kitchen. Why didn’t I do this before we started school?

Elmer’s gone. He just disappeared. I’ll be forever curious what happened to him. He was a fun dog to have around.

School is getting better. We completed five days of school last week, and have two days done so far this week. If I can get a handle on Charlotte and Pierce getting every toy out while we’re busy working on school, that will make this become nearly doable. Funny how fast we can find a rhythm after a rough beginning.


  1. Charlotte Moore says

    There are a number of families with 5,6,7, or more kids. What about the ones with 12-20? I guess he would have been shocked to see the Duggers or the Bates families.

    Glad you are having good school days. Just like public school there will be days that don’t go well.

  2. Roxanne says

    Great post Adrienne, I’m still in awe at Pierce’s behavior in the eye doctor’s office. Way to go Pierce, and kudos to Liberty for her thoughtfulness in instilling some grammar into that young man. And Ruby, it just takes time and growing up to get it. Your mom and I are still learning too.