Deep Clean Week 1: Unanticipated Depth

Last Sunday, I devised a plan. My kids are getting older, and the house maintains fairly well with our daily chores, but it doesn’t get good and scrubbed very often. I decided we’d pick one room per week, and make a list of deeper cleaning to be done in there. I wanted to start in the living room, but I got outvoted. The girls thought the kitchen was the best place to start. We took my list and went to work Monday afternoon after school was finished.

Things like:

Scrub all countertops

Wash curtains

Wash cabinets

Vacuum ceiling corners

Wash baseboard

You get the gist. It was a decent sized list, but we planned to whittle away at it for 30 minutes a day, all hands on deck. I figured seven people times 30 minutes a day is 21 man hours over the course of six days. We’d run out of jobs before we ran out of days.

But the paint. You know. The flat paint I talked about in my last post.

And so. Something had to be done. I was going crazy. Blaine agreed it was time to eliminate said flatness from our lives, and I went and bought new paint. Thursday and Friday, I painted. It’s a beautiful thing. Those curtains on that window? This morning that fabric was on a bolt at Hobby Lobby. It’s been a long day. I’m tired. But I’m done. I crossed the last thing off my cleaning list this afternoon… plus a few more things that didn’t start out on our list at the beginning of this week.

IMG_5425 (400x600)  IMG_5427 (400x600) IMG_5428 (400x600) IMG_5429 (400x600)

Liberty told me tonight that she found the spot we missed in the kitchen: under the stove top. It’s waiting until we rotate back to the kitchen again.

Next week the living room is up. I don’t anticipate paint being needed in any form.

(For the record, because no one was in the kitchen with me when I took these photos and the old mirror in the last photo boasts a face that sent me back to the camera… it’s a paper towel roll in a round metal holder. That looks like a face, apparently. Or maybe I’m just really tired.)


  1. Charlotte Moore says

    You sure accomplished alot to say the least. Isn’t it a good feeling to have everything clean. Seems like you can even breathe better. You will be through in no time with all those hands. HA!!!

    How funny! It does look like a face. I wouldn’t have noticed if you had not pointed it out though.

  2. Lisa A. Simmons says

    I Thought It Looked Like A Face As Soon As I Saw It. Even Before You Mentioned It. I Just Thought It Was A Picture That The Camera Didn’t Focus On. Lol! Looks Awesome Adrienne And Kiddos!

  3. Roxanne says

    Great job Adrienne, and when the last room is finished you can start all over again, as you well know. A woman’s work is never done. Looks beautiful, and the semi gloss paint surely does make it look like a new room. Mine needs a do over as well. Hmmmm

  4. says

    Love the way how you organized your house.It is good to focus one room at a time.I choose certain rooms based on how busy a certain month would be.This system worked SO WELL!!