Charlie got stung by a bee. Ultra-serious, quiet Charlotte stepped on a bee. And screamed. Oh my word, did that girl scream. One high pitched, LOOOONG scream. Followed by shrieks. I didn’t know the girl was capable of such carrying on.

When all had calmed down, I had the stinger out and her foot scrubbed and inspected (and as it swelled to twice it’s normal size, poor girl) I said to her, “I didn’t know you could scream that loud. My goodness, Charlie, I’ve never heard you be so loud. Ever.”

She nodded, ever so serious. “I know. I even heard it.” I bet you did, baby girl.

Today’s the beginning of cleaning the living room. It’s not nearly so much fun as cleaning the kitchen. I stared at the curtains as I lay in bed this morning, nursing the baby, and had a moment of clarity. At least, I’m hoping it was clarity. I’ve spent a good chunk of my afternoon splitting the curtain panels in two, changing the way they hang on the rod, and attaching the blackout panel differently. They are in the washing machine now. We’ll see… hoping I like them better now. I think perhaps I should have done my room this week instead. But, to be fair and follow rules, I threw the living room curtains in the washer with my bedroom curtains. So it was all in the name of saving a load and killing two birds with one stone. To be sure.

(Fellow sewers: three things I have figured out this week. If you zig zag along the raw edge of fabric, with the stitches hanging off the edge, it produces a serged effect. I so should have figured out this a long time ago. I made the girls skirts last night and finished them this morning, and they have beautiful insides and outsides. It makes me happy. I also learned that, in lieu of grommets on curtains, a buttonhole produces the same effect with little effort and no extra cost. Lastly, gauze from Hobby Lobby or JoAnn’s, encasing Warm and Natural batting, produces a most excellent snuggle blanket. Half a yard made a 18×21″ little blanket for Ellie to snuggle. She actually laughed when I gave it to her for the first time. I think she loves it. I plan to make another and make it 16×16 I think. A little smaller would be okay.)

Elmer returned today, with a new collar with a new name. Turns out, the neighbors have had him. They took him inside and contained him. He got free and came running victoriously. In the end, they have him again and I have heartbroken children. It’s not worth starting a fight… but I’m struggling a bit with how it was handled. They knew he had been claimed here before they took him in.


  1. Roxanne says

    Hard to believe the neighbors claimed Elmer when they knew he already had a home. Wow! Strange.
    I stepped on a bee once and I commiserate with Charlie. It is painful in the extreme on the soft part of the feet. You have my sympathies Charlie. I’d scream too.
    You are just way too ambitious with all your sewing projects, but don’t get out of the mood before you come for your visit. Just saying……………..

  2. Charlotte Moore says

    Poor Charlotte!!! I know that was painful. I would have screamed too I am sure.

    So strange that people would be that way about the dog. I can understand why you wouldn’t want to cause problems over it. That was still dirty of them.