The Many Faces of Elliot Adelaide

With just a week before Ellie is five months old, she’s growing and changing at a rapid rate. She has the most expressive baby face I’ve had in a baby, and we thoroughly enjoy watching her expressions. A few for your enjoyment…

IMG_5337 (409x600)

There’s the “that toy looks fun” face….

IMG_5345 (400x600)

the slightly worried face,


IMG_5347 (366x600)

the “you smile at me, I smile at you” face,

IMG_5348 (600x589) (2)

and the “What are you thinking?!” face.

IMG_5349 (600x591)

There’s the “You’re playing peek a boo with me” face,

IMG_5357 (600x572)

the unamused, bulldog cheeks (that she appears to be chewing on) face,

IMG_5359 (600x400)

the pure joy face,

IMG_5362 (400x600)

and the “why stop playing with me?” face.

Call me partial, but I can’t decide what my favorite one is. She’s all cute, super laid back, and oh so much fun to have around.



  1. Charlotte Moore says

    Love these expressions. Oh how quickly they change. )-: Too fast to keep up with all the cute things they do. I have to write things down our one and only great granddaughter says and does. She will be 3 in Dec. and I don’t know where all those months have gone. There were 6 grandsons from my mother and daddy’s girls. Then we all had 2 boys each. Then we had 3 grandsons. So this little girl has been one more thrill.

    • Alice DeRitter Luinenburg says

      I vote for all.. I enjoy reading your blog each and every time

  2. liz says

    Those eyes!!!! Will you keep me in prayer? It looks like we have the opportunity to adopt again the first week in August(she will be induced).

    I love reading about your family….we will be traveling to CA from Michigan..ugh…with 2 of our 4 kiddos…well bringing back 3 kiddos if all goes as planned. Ellie is so gorgeous! Your whole family is amazing!

    • Adrienne says

      Wow, Liz, I’ll be praying! Will you let me know how it goes? How amazing that feeling is, to anticipate meeting your baby soon!